Sea kayaking Expeditions – Good for the soul?


Expeditioning and journeying have been fundamental in human existence. Columbus set off in 1492 to circumnavigate the world and access the riches of India and China but discovered the Americas were blocking the way and the globe was actually quite a bit bigger than he thought. In 563 St Columba set off from Ireland and ended up on Iona and is credited with bring Christianity to Britain. Both fairly massive contributions to the world we live in now.

Going on a 3 day paddle, walk or cycle may not change the world but, it may change you and that is pretty important.

So, what impact does expeditioning have on us as individuals? Is expeditioning good for the soul and if so, how and why?

For me the memories of being out on a multi day kayaking, sailing or walking journey are so varied.

  • the serenity of mirror smooth water rounding the Kyles of Bute, the kayak cutting effortlessly through the water
  • the sense of satisfaction having battled against wind and tide to make camp on a forgotten beach, set up camp , made dinner and now sipping a hot chocolate laced with a dram as the sun liquefies into the sea.
  • shared recollections, years later, of how we managed our fear through the crazy waves of the Goose Race to the west of Skomer Island.
  • the privilege of secretly watching otters play with each other in the kelp off the west coast of Mull
  • the rhythm of checking the weather, planning the day, breaking camp, being with my thoughts, my body, away from it all.
  • exploring hidden bays, offshore islands and isolated beaches
  • being at one with my boat in the ocean swells and currents between the Torran rocks and Erraid island
  • being creative to find solutions to mend broken footrests or damaged rudders

And so many more recollections, reminiscences and memories of living in the moment, with the natural environment, for no particular reason apart from it’s out there and why not!

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